Diana welcomes you.

Do explore the links - this site will be expanded over the coming months of mid-2021.  There's plenty to tell and plenty to see.       

It shall include photo galleries, video articles, and relevant articles to JC's work, artistry, history and family. 

  • Restoration blog (aka 'Diana's Blog'), 2011-2020  
  • About J Cherubini II  
  • Some Cherubini family history  
  • Sailing cruises, videos - Diana of Burlington YouTube channel  
  • Other videos by JC2

Periodical articles (blog entries, newest-first) commence below.

If you'd like to read in chronological (forward) order, sorry; you'll have to scroll to the bottom or consult the by-date listing at right.

The 'original' blog, about the very extensive restoration, is still HERE.

Comments (though necessarily moderated) are welcome!

* * *

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